Тема: Dried Sulfuric Acid Any Danger?


The cleaner was used in standing water that had to be bailed out, so I’m sure some must have splashed around the bathtub and surrounding areas. However, I’m most concerned about the fans he used to ventilate my small house. He wore gloves when handling the cleaner and water it was added to, but he didn’t change he gloves when we was moving the fans around the house. In fact he used one of the fans to dry a pair of gloves before putting them back on.
Assuming the gloves had some of the 93% sulfuric acid cleaner on them, am I in any danger of the fans blowing it on furniture, upholstery, carpet, walls, etc? If the sulfuric acid did get on things and then dried, is it still dangerous if it comes into contact with skins, eyes, etc.?

Please help.

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